Microinverters and TRUEACTM modules are one of the fastest growing technologies in the solar market. Do you have what it takes to succeed?

TrueAC CertifiedOf course you do! Attend a SolarBridge TRUEAC Solar Roadshow and in just one afternoon you will get all the information you need to market, sell, design and install TRUEAC systems.  Install three systems after that and you will be TRUEAC certified.  It’s that simple!*

Installer  Training Agenda  
NABCEP certification:
Two CE credits

What’s so great about TRUEAC? 
What’s the real market opportunity for microinverters and AC modules?  How can you tell the difference between a TRUEAC module and an imitator? What does module integration of the microinverter mean to installers in terms of certifications, permitting, installation and warranties? Can I trust this product enough to sell it to my customers?

Install SolarLet’s Design Some Systems!
What are the steps to designing and installing TRUEAC systems that pack the most power? We’ll cover designing for landscape vs. portrait for both residential and commercial.  This is the good stuff!  All hands-on.

Let’s Monitor some PV!
We’ll show you how our Power Portal helps you monitor your customers’ TRUEAC systems – tracking each individual module as well as your entire fleet of PV. This is your secret weapon to customer satisfaction.

Let’s Sell Some Solar! 
You’ve been selling solar for years, but TRUEAC is a different animal altogether – isn’t it?  We’ll answer this mystery and give you the sales tools you need to conquer your market with TRUEAC.

Cocktails and Conversation
This one’s self-explanatory.  Everybody needs a reward. This is yours!


Questions? Find out more about TRUEAC certification or contact roadshow@solarbridgetech.com.

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*This course is IDEAL for anyone who sells, markets, designs, finances or installs PV for residential or commercial customers.  Hey, that’s you!


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